I'm not very technical but I just love doing brain surgery. I couldn't see wasting all that time to get an undergraduate degree in science, then wasting four more years in medical school and another three or so as a resident, but I'm sure that I can make up for the deficit with my enthusiasm and my love of brain surgery.

Throw a plastic sheet over a ping-pong table or dinning table to preserve the paint. hold it together by taping it at the ends

Equipped your Operating Room at your local 99 cent store. At the hardware department, pick up a hack saw. This is very handy for cutting off the top of the skull. If you want to get fancy, pick up a cross-cut saw, for emergencies. A good claw hammer is handy for removing any extra bone that you missed with the saws.

Move on to the housewares department.
Here, for $.99, you can get a whole set of steak knives. These are very sharp and they are good for the fine work. For the rough work--get a bread knife.

In the sewing department, you can pick up a sewing
kit with all kinds of needles and different colored threads This is
handy to sew the scalp back in place.
You can also get a set of three different-sized scissors. Sometimes they come in handy.